American Beacon Quarterly Top 10s

Information as of 09/30/2021
ARK Transformational Innovation Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Tesla, Inc.10.5
Teladoc Health, Inc.5.9
Roku, Inc.5.6
Coinbase Global, Inc.5.4
Unity Software, Inc.4.9
Zoom Video Communications, Inc.4.6
Square, Inc.4.0
Spotify Technology SA3.8
Shopify, Inc.3.7
Invitae Corp.3.5

Balanced Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Wells Fargo & Co.2.5
American International Group, Inc.2.2
Citigroup, Inc.1.9
Anthem, Inc.1.8
Hess Corp.1.7
General Electric Co.1.4
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.1.2
Comcast Corp.1.1
Raytheon Technologies Corp.1.1
Oracle Corp.1.0

Developing World Income Fund

EAM International Small Cap Fund

FEAC Floating Rate Income Fund

Garcia Hamilton Quality Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Federal National Mortgage Association, 4.500%, Due 6/1/393.7
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 3.000%, Due 2/1/353.5
American Express Co., 0.786%, Due 8/1/223.3
Federal National Mortgage Association, 3.000%, Due 7/1/403.0
Federal National Mortgage Association, 4.000%, Due 2/1/343.0
Morgan Stanley, 0.731%, Due 4/5/243.0
Wells Fargo & Co., 4.478%, Due 4/4/312.9
John Deere Capital Corp., 0.595%, Due 9/8/222.8
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 4.000%, Due 12/1/342.8
Federal National Mortgage Association, 4.000%, Due 6/1/342.7

International Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Barclays PLC2.3
Novartis AG2.1
Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.2.0
TotalEnergies SE1.8
Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.1.8
GlaxoSmithKline PLC1.7
UniCredit SpA1.6
Credit Suisse Group AG1.6
AstraZeneca PLC1.5

Large Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
American International Group, Inc.2.4
Comcast Corp.2.3
JPMorgan Chase & Co.2.2
Anthem, Inc.2.1
Hess Corp.1.8
Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.1.8
Medtronic PLC1.6
General Electric Co.1.5
Citigroup, Inc.2.7
Wells Fargo & Co.2.7

Man Large Cap Growth Fund

Man Large Cap Value Fund

NIS Core Plus Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
New Residential Mortgage Loan Trust, 5.533%, Due 11/25/541.0
Expedia Group, Inc., 4.625%, Due 8/1/271.0
Mid-State Trust, 4.864%, Due 7/15/380.9
Bank, 3.265%, Due 9/15/600.9
JPMBB Commercial Mortgage Securities Trust, 3.559%, Due 7/15/480.9
Santander Drive Auto Receivables Trust, 1.120%, Due 1/15/260.9
Westlake Automobile Receivables Trust, 1.320%, Due 7/15/250.9
Santander Drive Auto Receivables Trust, 1.460%, Due 9/15/250.9
Benchmark Mortgage Trust, 1.850%, Due 9/15/530.9
Brean Asset Backed Securities Trust, 1.750%, Due 10/25/610.8

Shapiro Equity Opportunities Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Bank of America Corp.5.7
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.5.6
Regions Financial Corp.5.5
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.5.3
Walgreens Boots Alliance, Inc.5.2
General Motors Co.5.0
AT&T, Inc.4.8
Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corp.4.8
Mandiant, Inc.4.8
Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.4.6

Shapiro SMID Cap Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.5.8
Madison Square Garden Sports Corp.5.4
Cadence BanCorp5.2
Liberty Media Corp-Liberty Braves5.1
Regions Financial Corp.4.9
Ingredion, Inc.4.9
Urban Outfitters, Inc.4.9
Varex Imaging Corp.4.7
Carter's, Inc.4.6
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics Holdings PLC4.6

SiM High Yield Opportunities Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Athabasca Oil Corp., 9.875%, Due 2/24/222.3
Berry Petroleum Co. LLC, 7.000%, Due 2/15/261.8
CES Energy Solutions Corp., 6.375%, Due 10/21/241.7
Station Casinos LLC, 4.500%, Due 2/15/281.7
Baytex Energy Corp., 8.750%, Due 4/1/271.6
Downstream Development Authority of the Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma, 10.500%, Due 2/15/231.6
Boyd Gaming Corp., 4.750%, Due 6/15/311.6
Scorpio Tankers, Inc., 3.000%, Due 5/15/251.6
TreeHouse Foods, Inc., 4.000%, Due 9/1/281.5
Select Medical Corp., 6.250%, Due 8/15/261.5

Small Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Diodes, Inc.1.4
KBR, Inc.1.2
Range Resources Corp.1.2
MGIC Investment Corp.1.1
Evercore, Inc.0.9
Umpqua Holdings Corp.0.9
Greenbrier Cos., Inc.0.9
Popular, Inc.0.8
Adient PLC0.8
Enstar Group Ltd.0.8

SSI Alternative Income Fund
Holding NamePercentage
ProShares Short 20+ Year Treasury3.7
MFA Financial, Inc., 6.250%, Due 6/15/24 3.3
PennyMac Corp., 5.500%, Due 11/1/24 2.9
Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance, Inc., 5.375%, Due 10/15/232.4
Enphase Energy, Inc., 0.010%, Due 3/1/28 2.1
Granite Point Mortgage Trust, Inc., 5.625%, Due 12/1/222.0
MGIC Investment Corp., 9.000%, Due 4/1/631.9
AMG Capital Trust, 5.150%, Due 10/15/37 1.8
Vocera Communications, Inc., 0.500%, Due 9/15/261.6
Centennial Resource Production LLC, 3.250%, Due 4/1/281.6

Stephens Mid-Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Cadence Design Systems, Inc.2.4
IDEXX Laboratories, Inc.2.1
DexCom, Inc.2.0
Copart, Inc.1.8
Microchip Technology, Inc.1.8
SVB Financial Group1.7
ResMed, Inc.1.7
Match Group, Inc.1.7
Tradeweb Markets, Inc.1.7

Stephens Small Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Kornit Digital Ltd.2.3
Repligen Corp.2.3
Manhattan Associates, Inc.2.0
SPS Commerce, Inc.2.0
Globant SA1.9
SiteOne Landscape Supply, Inc.1.8
Omnicell, Inc.1.8
Papa John's International, Inc.1.8
Wingstop, Inc.1.7

The London Company Income Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Apple, Inc.5.0
Texas Instruments, Inc.4.9
Microsoft Corp.4.9
Lowe's Cos., Inc.4.8
BlackRock, Inc.4.8
Johnson & Johnson4.1
Target Corp.4.1
Berkshire Hathaway, Inc.3.9
United Parcel Service, Inc.3.7
Diageo PLC3.7

TwentyFour Sustainable Short Term Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Ripon Mortgages PLC, 1.568%, Due 8/20/564.9
Rothesay Life PLC, 8.000%, Due 10/30/253.2
Harben Finance PLC, 1.868%, Due 8/20/563.2
Tower Bridge Funding PLC, 2.672%, Due 12/20/613.1
Nationwide Building Society, 5.875%, Due 12/20/243.0
Phoenix Group Holdings PLC, 6.625%, Due 12/18/252.4
Credit Agricole SA, 7.375%, Due 12/18/232.3
Vodafone Group PLC, 6.250%, Due 10/3/782.2
HSBC Holdings PLC, 6.375%, Due 9/17/242.2
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc., 4.000%, Due 3/15/602.2

TwentyFour Strategic Income Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Pension Insurance Corp. PLC, 7.375%, Due 7/25/291.3
Nationwide Building Society, 10.250%, Due 12/31/991.3
Coventry Building Society, 6.875%, Due 9/18/241.2
Phoenix Group Holdings PLC, 5.750%, Due 4/26/281.0
Banco de Sabadell SA, 5.750%, Due 3/15/260.9
Bracken MidCo1 PLC, 8.875%, Due 10/15/230.9
Stichting AK Rabobank Certificaten, 19.437%, Due 12/31/990.8
Contego CLO DAC, 6.010%, Due 1/24/340.8
Nationwide Building Society, 5.875%, Due 12/20/240.8
Standard Chartered PLC, 4.300%, Due 12/31/990.8

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