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U.S. Government Money Market Select Holdings
Published daily with a one business day lag and unaudited.
Daily U.S. Government Money Market Select Holdings HyperLink
Published monthly and unaudited.
Monthly U.S. Government Money Market Select Holdings HyperLink
Monthly Holdings
Published monthly with a 20-day lag and unaudited.
ARK Transformational Innovation Fund (10/2022)
Bahl & Gaynor Small Cap Growth Fund (09/2022)
Balanced Fund (10/2022)
Frontier Markets Income Fund (10/2022)
Garcia Hamilton Quality Bond Fund (10/2022)
International Equity Fund (10/2022)
Large Cap Value Fund (10/2022)
Mid-Cap Value Fund (09/2022)
NIS Core Plus Bond Fund (10/2022)
SiM High Yield Opportunities Fund (10/2022)
Small Cap Value Fund (10/2022)
Stephens Mid-Cap Growth Fund (10/2022)
Stephens Small Cap Growth Fund (10/2022)
The London Company Income Equity Fund (10/2022)
Quarterly Holdings
Published quarterly with a 60-day lag and unaudited.
AHL Managed Futures Strategy Fund HyperLink
AHL TargetRisk Fund HyperLink
AHL TargetRisk Core Fund HyperLink
Bridgeway Large Cap Growth Fund HyperLink
Bridgeway Large Cap Value Fund HyperLink
Continuous Capital Emerging Markets Fund HyperLink
Shapiro Equity Opportunities Fund HyperLink
Shapiro SMID Cap Equity Fund HyperLink
Sound Point Floating Rate Income Fund HyperLink
SSI Alternative Income Fund HyperLink
Tocqueville International Value Fund HyperLink
TwentyFour Strategic Income HyperLink
TwentyFour Sustainable Short Term Bond HyperLink
Zebra Small Cap Equity Fund HyperLink
Top 10 Holdings
Published quarterly approximately 15 days after the end of each calendar quarter.
All Funds (except AHL Funds)
AHL Funds