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Separate Account Management

Many organizations prefer our customized fixed income portfolio management services that combine responsive investment strategies with a high level of service. Customization begins at the initial interview, when we determine your specific requirements for income, liquidity and limits to risk. We are adept at tailoring portfolio guidelines to defined levels of risk, providing benchmarks to match your objectives, including any unique organizational covenants.

Customized portfolios provide institutions with a great deal of flexibility. In addition, cost efficiencies may be secured due to the absence of regulatory fees and expenses.

After your portfolio is constructed, it is monitored and results are communicated to you through dialogue with portfolio managers, in-person reviews and timely reporting. We strive to maintain a high level of service and communication throughout the relationship.

In addition to customized portfolios, our fixed income strategies are also available through commingled products, such as the American Beacon Funds.

Please contact Adrian Castillo at 1.800.967.9009 x6214 to learn more about these investment opportunities.