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Independent Thinking and Innovation

We use an innovative, diversified methodology to anticipate client needs and recognize investment opportunities. With decades of combined investment experience, our specialized investment management teams have the flexibility to create unique investment solutions by providing access to many of the industry’s leading investment managers.

  • Manager of Managers. American Beacon is committed to partnering with those we judge to be “the best of the best” when it comes to choosing sub-advisors for our funds. Whether that results in the selection of one sub-advisor or multiple sub-advisors, we select those we believe show the greatest promise of continuing to meet the high standards of our shareholders.
  • Fiduciary Perspective. American Beacon acts as fiduciary for the pension plans of one of America’s leading corporations. We apply that same investment expertise to the methodology of the American Beacon Funds.
  • Ongoing Due Diligence. American Beacon conducts in-person evaluations of its managers on a quarterly basis. We review the managers’ long-term performance, adherence to investment philosophy and the continuity of their management teams.
  • Consistent Style. As part of our ongoing due diligence, we scrutinize each manager’s portfolio on an individual holdings basis to make sure they adhere to market capitalization and investment style guidelines.
  • Competitive Pricing. Our large asset base, economies of scale and cost-efficient operations enable the American Beacon Funds to provide shareholders exceptional service at a very reasonable cost.

We believe our combined talent, experience and knowledge greatly benefit our shareholders and provide new opportunities to achieve their investment objectives.