Careers @ American Beacon

American Beacon Advisors is a leading, highly professional mutual fund manager based in Las Colinas (Irving), Texas. We see our mission not just to provide superior financial rewards to our clients but to create a growth opportunity for our employees.

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The terms that American Beacon employees apply most to our company are “ethical/integrity” and “professional.” Our working environment is highly interdependent, with the staff members functioning as a close-knit team. At the same time, individual initiative is encouraged and rewarded. Working for American Beacon is a wonderful combination of freedom and teamwork, where people are supported for striking out into new territory.

“ABA has a good culture – definitely a team environment, which is empowering and positive for long term success.” – From an ABA employee cultural survey


American Beacon is a growing company, adding new funds to its product line every year. As a smaller but extremely nimble financial services firm, American Beacon offers opportunities to its employees that may not be as available at larger institutional companies. As part of our team, your future possibilities can be limitless. That is one reason our most valuable employees tend to have long careers at American Beacon: In each of the past five years, we have never had more than 5 percent of our staff choose to leave the company.

“ABA has come far – this is a great company, a great work environment, and we make a difference.” – From an ABA employee cultural survey


American Beacon has its roots serving as the pension manager for a major U.S. corporation. The American Beacon Funds were created and made available to the general investing public, originally under the name American AAdvantage Funds, in 1987. Now a privately held company, American Beacon currently markets more than 30 equity, bond and hybrid funds as a “manager of managers.”