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Alternative Investment Funds

We bring years of experience as a private equity investor. This alternative form of investing offers institutions ownership in a company with equity securities not publicly available.

The term “private equity” is generally used to describe investments in companies through private transactions in return for ownership interests in those companies. While those companies may have some publicly traded securities, private equity investors generally purchase non-publicly traded securities.

Private equity investing benefits companies and individuals by providing an additional or an alternative source of capital to the public equity and debt markets. This capital may be used for a number of different purposes, including financing product development or additional manufacturing capacity, funding a joint venture, restructuring a company's operations or balance sheet, or financing acquisitions.

APEMAmerican Private Equity Management (APEM) manages more than $230 million in a family of private equity funds of funds. The APEM platform consists of a series of three funds of funds vehicles that invest capital primarily in the middle market leveraged buyout space, with added exposure to other strategies (i.e., oil & gas and distressed debt). APEM engages American Beacon Advisors, Inc., a registered investment adviser, to provide management and administrative services to the funds of funds, and to source, evaluate, select and monitor underlying private equity funds.

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