American Beacon Quarterly Top 10s

Information as of 06/30/2018
ARK Transformational Innovation Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Tesla, Inc.6.8%
Intellia Therapeutics, Inc.6.3%
Stratasys Ltd.5.5%
Twitter, Inc.4.7%
Illumina, Inc.3.7%
athenahealth, Inc.2.9%
Baidu, Inc.2.9%
Editas Medicine, Inc.2.9%
Invitae Corp.2.6%
Square, Inc.2.6%

Balanced Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Citigroup, Inc.2.6%
Bank of America Corp.2.1%
BP PLC1.9%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.1.9%
American International Group, Inc.1.7%
Microsoft Corp.1.6%
Wells Fargo & Co.1.6%
General Motors Co.1.4%
Oracle Corp.1.4%

Developing World Income Fund

EAM International Small Cap Fund

FEAC Floating Rate Income Fund

Garcia Hamilton Quality Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Federal Home Loan Bank, 2.166%, Due 6/12/199.3%
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 2.156%, Due 7/5/197.9%
Apple, Inc., 2.663%, Due 5/6/193.7%
Morgan Stanley, 3.759%, Due 10/24/233.4%
Merck & Co., Inc., 2.728%, Due 2/10/203.3%
JPMorgan Chase & Co., 3.589%, Due 10/24/233.2%
Intel Corp., 2.706%, Due 5/11/223.1%
Walt Disney Co., 2.711%, Due 3/4/223.0%
Oracle Corp., 2.928%, Due 1/15/192.9%
US Bank NA, 2.839%, Due 10/28/192.9%

International Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
United Kingdom27.0%
South Korea3.3%
Royal Dutch Shell PLC2.9%
Novartis AG2.3%

Large Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Citigroup, Inc.3.4%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.3.1%
Wells Fargo & Co.2.6%
BP PLC2.2%
Bank of America Corp.2.1%
Comcast Corp.2.1%
American International Group, Inc.1.9%
Microsoft Corp.1.9%
Oracle Corp.1.7%

Man Large Cap Growth Fund

Man Large Cap Value Fund

NIS Core Plus Bond Fund

Shapiro Equity Opportunities Fund
Holding NamePercentage
CBS Corp.4.9%
Corning, Inc.4.9%
Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.4.8%
FireEye, Inc.4.8%
Hanesbrands, Inc.4.8%
Merck & Co., Inc.4.8%
Mosaic Co.4.8%
Pfizer, Inc.4.8%
United Parcel Service Inc.4.8%
Walt Disney Co.4.8%

Shapiro SMID Cap Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Hanesbrands, Inc.5.9%
Maxar Technologies Ltd.5.1%
Valvoline, Inc.4.9%
Discovery, Inc.4.8%
AMC Networks, Inc.4.7%
Axalta Coating Systems Ltd.4.7%
Ciena Corp.4.6%
FireEye, Inc.4.6%
Regions Financial Corp.4.6%
First Data Corp.4.5%

SiM High Yield Opportunities Fund
Holding NamePercentage
California Resources Corp., 8.000%, Due 12/15/222.5%
MEG Energy Corp., 7.000%, Due 3/31/242.5%
Hellenic Republic Government Bond, 3.000%, Due 2/24/232.0%
Qorvo, Inc., 7.000%, Due 12/1/251.9%
JBS USA LUX S.A. / JBS USA Finance, Inc., 5.875%, Due 7/15/241.8%
Athabasca Oil Corp., 9.875%, Due 2/24/221.7%
DynCorp International, Inc., 11.875%, Due 11/30/201.7%
Gartner, Inc., 5.125%, 4/1/251.7%
Kissner Holdings LP / Kissner Milling Co., Ltd. / BSC Holding, Inc. / Kissner USA, 8.375%, Due 12/1/1.7%
MEDNAX, Inc., 5.250%, Due 12/1/231.7%

Small Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Portland General Electric Co.0.8%
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.0.8%
Whiting Petroleum Corp.0.8%
ARRIS International PLC0.7%
Associated Banc-Corp.0.7%
Brooks Automation, Inc.0.7%
Callon Petroleum Co.0.7%
Diodes, Inc.0.7%
II-VI, Inc.0.7%
UMB Financial Corp.0.7%

SSI Alternative Income Fund

Stephens Mid-Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Idexx Laboratories, Inc.2.0%
CoStar Group, Inc.1.9%
SVB Financial Group1.9%
ABIOMED, Inc.1.8%
Illumina, Inc.1.7%
Aspen Technology, Inc.1.6%
Burlington Stores, Inc.1.6%
Flir Systems, Inc.1.6%
Lululemon Athletica, Inc.1.6%
WEX Inc.1.6%

Stephens Small Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.2.0%
ICON plc1.9%
Proofpoint, Inc.1.6%
ABIOMED, Inc.1.5%
Aspen Technology, Inc.1.5%
Calavo Growers, Inc.1.5%
CoStar Group, Inc.1.5%
Neogen Corp.1.5%
Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings, Inc.1.4%
Proto Labs, Inc.1.4%

The London Company Income Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Norfolk Southern Corp.5.4%
Apple, Inc.5.0%
General Dynamics Corp.4.9%
Wells Fargo & Co.4.8%
Microsoft Corp.4.6%
BlackRock, Inc.4.3%
Carnival Corp.4.1%
Cisco Systems, Inc.3.9%
Target Corp.3.9%
Intel Corp.3.7%

TwentyFour Sustainable Short Term Bond Fund

TwentyFour Strategic Income Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Australia Government Bond, 2.000%, Due 12/216.5%
U.S. Treasury Notes/Bonds, 1.000%, Due 11/195.6%
Australia Government Bond, 2.250%, Due 11/225.1%
Italy Buoni Poliennali Del Tesoro, 0.950%, Due 3/234.2%
U.S. Treasury Notes/Bonds, 2.500%, Due 3/234.1%
Dryden 39 Euro CLO B.V., 4.970%, Due 10/313.1%
Coventry Building Society, 6.375%, Due 11/193.0%
St Paul's CLO VIII DAC, 4.600%, Due 1/303.0%
Nationwide Building Society, 10.250%, Due 12/992.4%
Carlyle Global Market Strategies Euro CLO DAC, 4.770%, Due 5/311.5%

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