American Beacon Quarterly Top 10s

Information as of 06/30/2016
Acadian Emerging Markets Managed Volatility Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Arca Continental S.A.B. de C.V.1.1%
China Communications Services Corp., Ltd. H1.1%
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd.1.1%
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.1.1%
Tenaga Nasional Bhd1.1%
Tencent Holdings Ltd.1.1%
Vodacom Group Pty Ltd.1.1%
ITC Ltd.1.0%
SK Hynix, Inc.1.0%
Telekomunikasi Indonesia Persero Tbk PT1.0%

Alpha Quant Core Fund

Alpha Quant Dividend Fund

Alpha Quant Quality Fund

Alpha Quant Value Fund

ARK Transformational Innovation Fund

Bahl & Gaynor Small Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
MarketAxess Holdings, Inc.3.5%
Texas Roadhouse, Inc.3.0%
Cantel Medical Corp.2.8%
Watsco, Inc.2.6%
West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.2.6%
Blackbaud, Inc.2.5%
Ritchie Bros Auctioneers, Inc.2.5%
Monolithic Power Systems, Inc.2.4%
Methode Electronics, Inc.2.3%
Thor Industries, Inc.2.3%

Balanced Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Bank of America Corp.2.3%
Citigroup, Inc.2.2%
BP PLC, Sponsored1.7%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.1.7%
Microsoft Corp.1.4%
Oracle Corp.1.2%
General Motors Co.1.1%
Johnson Controls, Inc.1.0%
American Financial Group, Inc.0.9%

Bridgeway Large Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage, Inc.2.7%
Facebook Inc.2.4%
Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.2.3%
VeriSign, Inc.2.1%
Fiserv, Inc.2.0%
Monster Beverage Corp.1.9%
Centene Corp.1.8%
Tesoro Corp.1.8%
Aetna, Inc.1.7%
Lear Corp.1.7%

Bridgeway Large Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Tyson Foods, Inc.1.8%
Campbell Soup Co.1.6%
AT&T, Inc.1.5%
Johnson & Johnson1.5%
General Electric Co.1.4%
Quest Diagnostics, Inc.1.4%
Valero Energy Corp.1.4%
Corning, Inc.1.3%
Newmont Mining Corp.1.3%

Crescent Short Duration High Income Fund
Holding NamePercentage
T-Mobile USA, Inc., 6.625%, Due 4/1/20231.1%
Reynolds Group Issuer Inc. / Reynolds Group Issuer LLC, 8.250%, Due 2/15/20211.1% Holdings LLC, 9.625%, Due 10/15/2018, 144A1.1%
Landry's Holdings II, Inc., 10.250%, Due 1/1/2018, 144A1.1%
Capital Automotive LP, Second Lien Term Loan, 6.000%, Due 4/30/20201.1%
Fly Leasing Ltd., 6.750%, Due 12/15/201.1%
Prime Security Services B. LLC, 1st Lien Term Loan, 5.000%, Due 7/1/20211.0%
Magic Newco LLC, USD Term Loan, 5.000%, Due 12/12/20181.0%
TPF II Power LLC, Syndicated Term Loan B, 5.500%, Due 10/2/20211.0%

Flexible Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
U.S. Treasury Note/Bond, 2.500%, Due 5/15/245.8%
U.S. Treasury Note/Bond, 1.625%, Due 7/31/193.8%
U.S. Treasury Note/Bond, 1.375%, Due 3/31/20203.5%
Fannie Mae TBA, 3.500%, Due 8/16/20463.4%
Mexican Bonos Desarrollo, 7.750%, Due 11/13/421.9%
Fannie Mae TBA, 3.000%, Due 8/16/20461.8%
U.S. Treasury Note/Bond, 2.000%, Due 7/31/20221.8%
Brazil, Nota Do Tesouro Nacional, 10.000%, Due 1/1/20251.6%
U.S. Treasury Note/Bond, 2.000%, Due 8/15/20251.6%
Mexican Bonos, 8.50%, Due 11/18/381.5%

Garcia Hamilton Quality Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Federal Farm Credit Bank, 0.543%, Due 5/25/201810.6%
Federal Home Loan Bank, 0.535%, Due 12/5/201710.3%
Federal National Mortgage Association, 0.594%, Due 3/21/20188.4%
Federal Home Loan Bank, 0.535%, Due 12/7/20175.1%
Federal Farm Credit Bank, 0.481%, Due 4/9/20184.6%
Federal National Mortgage Association, 1.000%, Due 7/20/20174.0%
Citigroup, Inc., 4.400%, Due 6/10/20253.1%
Federal National Mortgage Association, 0.487%, Due 11/13/20173.0%
Wells Fargo & Company, 4.100%, Due 6/3/20263.0%
Aflac, Inc., 3.625%, Due 11/15/20242.9%

GLG Total Return Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Republic of Turkey Government Bond, 6.750%, Due 4/3/201813.1%
Petroleos Mexicanos, 3.500%, Due 7/18/20189.6%
South Africa Government Bond, 6.875%, Due 5/27/20199.6%
Indonesia Government Bond, 11.625%, Due 3/4/20199.4%
Colombia Government Bond, 7.375%, Due 3/18/20199.0%
Argentina Government Bonds, 6.250%, Due 4/22/2019, 144A5.0%
Dominican Republic Government Bond, 7.500%, Due 5/6/20214.0%
Majapahit Holding BV, 7.250%, Due 6/28/20172.8%
Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 7.250%, Due 4/15/20192.0%
Grupo Aval Ltd., 5.250%, Due 2/1/20171.9%

Frontier Markets Income Fund

International Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Novartis AG2.8%
Royal Dutch Shell PLC2.8%
British American Tobacco PLC2.5%
KDDI Corp.2.2%
Total S.A.2.0%
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.1.7%
Akzo Nobel1.5%
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Sponsored1.5%
Roche Holding AG Genusschein1.4%
Softbank Corp.1.4%

Large Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Bank of America Corp.3.1%
JPMorgan Chase & Co.2.9%
BP PLC, Sponsored2.4%
Microsoft Corp.2.1%
Oracle Corp.1.9%
Johnson Controls, Inc.1.6%
Pfizer, Inc.1.6%
General Motors Co.1.5%
Medtronic PLC1.5%

Mid-Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Allstate Corp.2.1%
Pinnacle West Capital Corp.2.1%
Lamar Advertising Co.2.0%
Dover Corp.1.8%
Murphy Oil Corp.1.8%
Willis Towers Watson PLC1.7%
FNF Group1.6%
Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.1.6%
Owens Corning1.4%
Fifth Third Bancorp1.3%

Numeric Integrated Alpha Fund

SGA Global Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Tencent Holdings Ltd.4.0%
Danone S.A.3.9%
AIA Group Ltd.3.8%
Novo Nordisk A.S.3.5%
SAP AG, Sponsored3.5%
Visa, Inc.3.5%
Colgate-Palmolive Co.3.3%, Inc.3.3%
Amgen, Inc.3.2%
Core Laboratories NV3.2%

SiM High Yield Opportunities Fund
Holding NamePercentage
MEG Energy Corp., 7.000%, Due 3/31/2024, 144A2.4%
Virgin Media Finance PLC, 6.375%, Due 4/15/23, 144A2.2%
ADS Tactical, Inc., 11.00%, Due 4/1/18, 144A1.9%
HCA, Inc., 4.750%, Due 5/1/20231.9%
Northern Blizzard Resources, Inc., 7.250%, Due 2/1/2022, 144A1.9%
Tenet Healthcare Corp., 4.500%, Due 4/1/211.9%
Kissner Milling Co., Ltd., 7.250%, Due 6/1/2019, 144A1.7%
LifePoint Hospitals, Inc., 5.500%, Due 12/1/20211.7%
MGM Resorts International, 7.750%, Due 3/15/221.7%
Sealed Air Corp., 6.500%, Due 12/1/20, 144A1.6%

Small Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Portland General Electric Co.0.9%
Tutor Perini Corp.0.9%
Vishay Intertechnology, Inc.0.9%
First Horizon National Corp.0.7%
UMB Financial Corp.0.7%
Diodes, Inc.0.6%
Geo Group, Inc.0.6%
Great Plains Energy, Inc.0.6%
Prosperity Bancshares, Inc.0.6%
Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc.0.6%

Sound Point Floating Rate Income Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Global Brass & Copper, Inc., 2016 Term Loan B, 1.000%, Due 6/15/20232.0%
Energy Transfer Equity LP, 2015, 4.000%, Due 12/2/20191.9%
Cengage Learning Acquisitions, Inc., 2016 Term Loan B, 5.250%, Due 6/7/20231.5%
CH Hold Corp., Term Loan A, 6.250%, Due 11/20/20191.5%
Quorum Health Corp., 1st Lien Term Loan B, 6.750%, Due 4/29/20221.5%
Sirva Worldwide, Inc., Term Loan, 7.500%, Due 3/27/20191.5%
SolarWinds, Inc., USD Term Loan, 1.000%, Due 2/3/20231.5%
EFS Cogen Holdings 2016 Term Loan B, 5.250%, Due 6/22/20231.4%
St. Georges University 2016 First Lien Term Loan B2, 6.250%, Due 6/2/20221.4%
US Foods Inc. Term Loan B, 4.000%, Due 6/27/231.3%

Stephens Mid-Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Monster Beverage Corp.2.0%
CoStar Group, Inc.1.8%
MercadoLibre, Inc.1.7%
Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrance, Inc.1.7%
Cerner Corp.1.6%
Idexx Laboratories, Inc.1.6%
Ross Stores, Inc.1.6%
Ultimate Software Group, Inc.1.5%
Henry Schein, Inc.1.4%
VCA Antech, Inc.1.4%

Stephens Small Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
CoStar Group, Inc.1.7%
National CineMedia, Inc.1.7%
PAREXEL International Corp.1.7%
WageWorks, Inc.1.7%
Cardtronics, Inc.1.5%
Guidewire Software, Inc.1.5%
HMS Holdings Corp.1.5%
Neogen Corp.1.5%
Ultimate Software Group, Inc.1.5%

The London Company Income Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Wells Fargo & Co.4.7%
Altria Group, Inc.4.6%
General Electric Co.4.5%
General Mills, Inc.4.4%
General Dynamics Corp.4.3%
Lowe's Cos., Inc.4.3%
Cincinnati Financial Corp.3.9%
Coca-Cola Co.3.8%
Merck & Co., Inc.3.5%
Norfolk Southern Corp.3.5%

Zebra Small Cap Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Syntel, Inc.2.1%
Columbia Sportswear Co.1.7%
First Citizens BancShares, Inc.1.6%
Deluxe Corp.1.5%
Enstar Group Ltd.1.4%
West Corp.1.4%
AVX Corp.1.2%
HSN, Inc.1.2%
National General Holdings Corp.1.2%
Selective Insurance Group, Inc.1.2%

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