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American Beacon’s funds are sub-advised by some of the most respected and experienced investment managers in the world. This page gives our shareholders and clients an opportunity to share in the knowledge and insights of these experts.

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Paul Cavazos, Chief Investment Officer
Autumn 2016

Global Evolution Market Update*

Global Evolution USA, LLC
November 2016

Global Evolution Strategic Overview
Think 2002: Revisited*

Global Evolution USA, LLC
July 2016

Emerging Market Equities – Where to Now?*

Viewpoints from the Acadian team, March 2016

A Trifecta of Forces Driving the Emerging Markets Selloff*

Viewpoints from the Acadian team, August 2015

Benchmarks as Limits to Arbitrage:
Understanding the Low-Volatility Anomaly*

Written by three members of the Acadian managed volatility team,
this paper explains the existence and persistence of the low volatility
equity anomaly.