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American Beacon’s sub-advisors and affiliates are some of the most respected and experienced investment managers in the world. This page gives our shareholders and clients an opportunity to share in the knowledge and insights of these experts.

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Don't Leave Your Portfolio on Cruise Control*
AHL Partners LLP
July 2019

The Growth Risk Lurking in Your Portfolio*
Bridgeway Capital Management, Inc.
Spring 2018

TwentyFour Asset Management Market Outlook*
TwentyFour Asset Management (US) LP
December 2018

Global Evolution Impact Investing*
Global Evolution USA, LLC
March 2017

Impact Investing From Burlington to Botswana*
Global Evolution USA, LLC
January 2017

Smart Investing: There Is Nothing Passive About It*
Pzena Investment Management, LLC
July 2015

Although this paper is from 2015, we believe that the concepts
presented remain valid.