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American Beacon AHL TARGETRISK Fund

Portfolio information as of March 31, 2024
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Investment Objective

The Fund's investment objective is capital growth.


Founded in London in 1783, Man Group (“Man”), AHL’s parent company, is one of the largest publicly listed global hedge fund providers in the world. Worldwide, Man boasts more than 300 dedicated investment professionals. AHL’s assets under management include a large institutional capital base, including endowments, insurance companies, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

Firm inception: 1987

Portfolio Managers:

  • Russell Korgaonkar; industry since 2001
  • Otto van Hemert; industry since 2008


  • The Fund’s strategic risk allocation process uses a risk-budgeting approach.
  • It seeks to capture the risk premiums associated with being long in each asset class.
  • Diversification seeks to preserve capital and improve performance.
  • The balanced risk portfolio aims to perform positively in a range of market environments.
  • Additional risk management techniques may improve the overall performance by helping in challenging market environments.

Total Fund Assets

$280.5 Million 

Sub-Advisor (%)

AHL Partners LLP 100.0

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Investing in derivative instruments involves liquidity, credit, interest rate and market risks. Interest rate risk is the risk that debt securities will decrease in value with increases in market interest rates. Quantitative models may not perform as expected and may result in losses for the Fund. Investments in high-yield securities (commonly referred to as “junk bonds”) are subject to greater levels of credit, interest rate, market and liquidity risks than investment-grade securities. In a period of sustained deflation, inflation index-linked securities may not pay any income and may suffer a loss. Investing in foreign and emerging market securities may involve heightened risk due to currency fluctuations and economic and political risks. Regulatory changes may impair the Fund’s ability to qualify for federal income tax treatment as a regulated investment company, which could result in the Fund and shareholders incurring significant income tax expense. The Fund may have high portfolio turnover risk, which could increase the Fund’s transaction costs and possibly have a negative impact on performance. Because the Fund may invest in fewer issuers than a more diversified portfolio, the fluctuating value of a single holding may have a greater effect on the value of the Fund. Please see the prospectus for a complete discussion of the Fund’s risks. There can be no assurances that the investment objectives of this Fund will be met.

For a prospectus containing more information, including expenses, click here. Read it carefully before you invest or send money. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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