American Beacon DAILY NAVS

Information as of 01/22/2014
Institutional Class
Fund NameTickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Acadian Emerging Markets Managed VolatilityACDIX9.990.37 N/A
BalancedAADBX16.000.00 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap ValueBRLVX21.310.23 N/A
Earnest Partners Emerging Markets EquityABEEX9.390.81 N/A
Emerging MarketsAEMFX11.590.70 N/A
Flexible BondAFXIX10.20-0.10 N/A
High Yield BondAYBFX9.340.01 0.001503291
Holland Large Cap GrowthLHGIX26.800.25 N/A
Intermediate BondAABDX10.59-0.20 0.000715639
International EquityAAIEX20.39-0.04 N/A
International Equity IndexAIIIX11.450.00 N/A
Large Cap ValueAADEX28.660.11 N/A
Mid-Cap ValueAACIX14.050.19 N/A
S&P 500 IndexAASPX25.070.07 N/A
SGA Global GrowthSGAGX13.710.12 N/A
Short-Term BondAASBX8.70-0.02 0.000275537
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHOIX10.24-0.02 0.001552850
Small Cap IndexASCIX18.850.48 N/A
Small Cap ValueAVFIX27.350.47 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap GrowthSFMIX19.970.81 N/A
Stephens Small Cap GrowthSTSIX18.090.63 N/A
The London Company Income EquityABCIX12.900.41 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected SecuritiesATPIX10.40-0.18 N/A
Zebra Global EquityAZLIX11.800.03 N/A
Zebra Small Cap EquityAZSIX14.170.19 N/A
Investor Class
Fund NameTickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Acadian Emerging Markets Managed VolatilityACDPX9.980.37 N/A
BalancedAABPX14.620.00 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap ValueBWLIX21.200.23 N/A
Earnest Partners Emerging Markets EquityABEVX9.370.81 N/A
Emerging MarketsAAEPX11.420.70 N/A
Flexible BondAFXPX10.18-0.10 N/A
High Yield BondAHYPX9.350.01 0.001446376
Holland Large Cap GrowthLHGFX26.590.25 N/A
Intermediate BondABIPX10.57-0.20 0.000580035
International EquityAAIPX20.24-0.04 N/A
Large Cap ValueAAGPX27.170.11 N/A
Mid-Cap ValueAMPAX14.200.19 N/A
Retirement Income and AppreciationAANPX10.81-0.04 0.000291550
S&P 500 IndexAAFPX24.860.07 N/A
SGA Global GrowthSGAPX13.690.12 N/A
Short-Term BondAALPX8.70-0.02 0.000179798
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHYPX10.21-0.02 0.001472974
Small Cap ValueAVPAX26.600.47 N/A
Small Cap Value IIABBVX13.990.30 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap GrowthSTMGX17.820.81 N/A
Stephens Small Cap GrowthSTSGX17.230.63 N/A
The London Company Income EquityABCVX12.860.41 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected SecuritiesABTPX10.29-0.18 N/A
Zebra Global EquityAZLPX11.820.03 N/A
Zebra Small Cap EquityAZSPX14.230.19 N/A
Advisor Class
Fund NameTickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
BalancedABLSX15.29-0.01 N/A
International EquityAAISX20.73-0.04 N/A
Large Cap ValueAVASX26.960.11 N/A
Mid-Cap ValueAMCSX13.830.19 N/A
Small Cap ValueAASSX26.370.47 N/A
Y Class
Fund NameTickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Acadian Emerging Markets Managed VolatilityACDYX9.990.37 N/A
BalancedACBYX16.060.00 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap ValueBWLYX21.270.23 N/A
Earnest Partners Emerging Markets EquityABEGX9.380.81 N/A
Emerging MarketsACEYX11.660.69 N/A
Flexible BondAFXYX10.20-0.10 N/A
High Yield BondACYYX9.350.01 0.001486736
Holland Large Cap GrowthLHGYX26.760.25 N/A
Intermediate BondACTYX10.63-0.20 0.000624819
International EquityABEYX21.14-0.04 N/A
Large Cap ValueABLYX28.520.11 N/A
Mid-Cap ValueACMYX13.970.19 N/A
Retirement Income and AppreciationACRYX10.81-0.04 0.000380229
SGA Global GrowthSGAYX13.700.12 N/A
Short-Term BondACOYX8.71-0.02 0.000215885
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHOYX10.23-0.02 0.001523230
Small Cap ValueABSYX27.100.47 N/A
Small Cap Value IIABBYX14.080.30 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap GrowthSMFYX19.970.81 N/A
Stephens Small Cap GrowthSPWYX18.070.63 N/A
The London Company Income EquityABCYX12.840.41 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected SecuritiesACUYX10.42-0.18 N/A
Zebra Global EquityAZLYX11.890.03 N/A
Zebra Small Cap EquityAZSYX14.320.19 N/A
A Class
Fund NameTickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Acadian Emerging Markets Managed VolatilityACDAX9.980.37 N/A
BalancedABFAX14.61-0.01 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap ValueBWLAX21.140.23 N/A
Earnest Partners Emerging Markets EquityABEAX9.370.81 N/A
Emerging MarketsAEMAX11.410.70 N/A
Flexible BondAFXAX10.14-0.10 N/A
High Yield BondABHAX9.360.01 0.001440476
Holland Large Cap GrowthLHGAX26.440.25 N/A
Intermediate BondAITAX10.57-0.20 0.000521578
International EquityAIEAX20.26-0.04 N/A
Large Cap ValueALVAX27.070.11 N/A
Mid-Cap ValueABMAX13.790.19 N/A
Retirement Income and AppreciationAAPAX10.85-0.04 0.000280771
SGA Global GrowthSGAAX13.690.12 N/A
Short-Term BondANSAX8.70-0.03 0.000165428
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHOAX10.25-0.02 0.001412948
Small Cap ValueABSAX26.290.47 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap GrowthSMFAX17.800.81 N/A
Stephens Small Cap GrowthSPWAX17.150.63 N/A
The London Company Income EquityABCAX12.790.41 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected SecuritiesATSAX10.28-0.18 N/A
Zebra Global EquityAZLAX11.920.03 N/A
Zebra Small Cap EquityAZSAX14.250.19 N/A
C Class
Fund NameTickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Acadian Emerging Markets Managed VolatilityACDCX9.950.36 N/A
BalancedABCCX14.75-0.01 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap ValueBWLCX20.910.23 N/A
Earnest Partners Emerging Markets EquityABETX9.340.81 N/A
Emerging MarketsAEMCX11.350.69 N/A
Flexible BondAFXCX10.09-0.10 N/A
High Yield BondAHBCX9.340.01 0.001245249
Holland Large Cap GrowthLHGCX26.030.25 N/A
Intermediate BondAIBCX10.59-0.20 0.000304842
International EquityAILCX19.86-0.04 N/A
Large Cap ValueALVCX26.920.10 N/A
Mid-Cap ValueAMCCX13.540.19 N/A
Retirement Income and AppreciationABACX10.88-0.04 0.000036749
SGA Global GrowthSGACX13.650.12 N/A
Short-Term BondATBCX8.70-0.03 0.000000512
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHOCX10.29-0.02 0.001207005
Small Cap ValueASVCX25.880.47 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap GrowthSMFCX17.560.80 N/A
Stephens Small Cap GrowthSPWCX16.900.63 N/A
The London Company Income EquityABECX12.740.41 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected SecuritiesATSCX10.04-0.19 N/A
Zebra Global EquityAZLCX11.890.03 N/A
Zebra Small Cap EquityAZSCX14.000.18 N/A
SP Class
Ultra Class
R6 Class

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