Monthly Dividends

American Beacon Monthly Dividends

The American Beacon funds on this page pay net investment income dividends each month. Capital gains income is paid annually, in December. For more information, including the annual Dividend Calendar, visit the Tax and Dividend area in our Resource Center.

Institutional Class (Dividends Per Share)
Flexible BondAFXIX0.013900000  
Global Evolution Frontier Markets IncomeAGEIX0.057940790  
High Yield BondAYBFX0.045147170  
Intermediate BondAABDX0.022010700  
Short-Term BondAASBX0.008758711  
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHOIX0.050827240  
The London Company Income EquityABCIX0.018600000  
Investor Class (Dividends Per Share)
Flexible BondAFXPX0.011500000  
Global Evolution Frontier Markets IncomeAGEPX0.062391560  
High Yield BondAHYPX0.042976410  
Intermediate BondABIPX0.017718220  
Retirement Income and AppreciationAANPX0.014537670  
Short-Term BondAALPX0.005736111  
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHYPX0.048781640  
The London Company Income EquityABCVX0.016100000  
Y Class (Dividends Per Share)
Flexible BondAFXYX0.013100000  
Global Evolution Frontier Markets IncomeAGEYX0.065272080  
High Yield BondACYYX0.044636530  
Intermediate BondACTYX0.019098370  
Retirement Income and AppreciationACRYX0.019290950  
Short-Term BondACOYX0.006859076  
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHOYX0.049943700  
The London Company Income EquityABCYX0.017800000  
A Class (Dividends Per Share)
Flexible BondAFXAX0.010400000  
Global Evolution Frontier Markets IncomeAGUAX0.062232570  
High Yield BondABHAX0.043601490  
Intermediate BondAITAX0.016812930  
Retirement Income and AppreciationAAPAX0.017102850  
Short-Term BondANSAX0.006045609  
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHOAX0.047323100  
The London Company Income EquityABCAX0.014400000  
C Class (Dividends Per Share)
Flexible BondAFXCX0.003800000  
Global Evolution Frontier Markets IncomeAGECX0.054441490  
High Yield BondAHBCX0.037494150  
Intermediate BondAIBCX0.009841474  
Retirement Income and AppreciationABACX0.009393820  
Short-Term BondATBCX0.000507479  
SiM High Yield OpportunitiesSHOCX0.040853270  
The London Company Income EquityABECX0.005800000  

For a prospectus containing more information, including expenses, click here. Read it carefully before you invest or send money. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.