American Beacon Quarterly Top 10s

Information as of 06/30/2012
Acadian Emerging Markets Managed Volatility Fund

Bahl & Gaynor Small Cap Growth Fund

Balanced Fund
Holding NamePercentage
JPMorgan Chase & Co.2.3%
Wells Fargo & Co.2.0%
Bank of America Corp.1.5%
Pfizer, Inc.1.5%
Vodafone Group plc1.5%
Johnson & Johnson1.4%
Microsoft Corp.1.4%
General Electric Co.1.2%
AT&T, Inc.1.1%
BP plc1.0%

Bridgeway Large Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Chevron Corp.2.9%
Chubb Corp.2.1%
Ventas Inc.1.9%
Lockheed Martin Corp.1.8%
Discover Financial Services1.7%
Raytheon Co.1.7%
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.1.6%
Colgate-Palmolive Co.1.6%
Travelers Cos., Inc.1.6%
VF Corp.1.6%

Crescent Short Duration High Income Fund

Earnest Partners Emerging Markets Equity Fund

Emerging Markets Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.3.0%
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.2.6%
Lukoil OAO2.2%
Gazprom OAO2.0%
China Mobile Ltd.1.7%
KB Financial Group, Inc.1.7%
Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd.1.4%
Reliance Energy Ltd.1.4%
Korea Electric Power Corp.1.3%

Flexible Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
U.S. Treasury Bill, 0.09%, Due 12/13/125.4%
U.S. Treasury Note, 0.125%, Due 1/15/223.1%
Mexican Bonos, 8.50%, Due 5/31/292.8%
U.S. Treasury Note, 0.50%, Due 10/15/131.8%
U.S. Treasury Note, 0.75%, Due 9/15/131.8%
U.S. Treasury Note, 1.375%, Due 5/15/131.8%
U.S. Treasury Note, 1.875%, Due 4/30/141.7%
U.S. Treasury Note, 1.25%, Due 7/15/201.6%
U.S. Treasury Note, 1.375%, Due 2/15/131.6%
U.S. Treasury Note, 3.125%, Due 4/30/131.6%

Global Evolution Frontier Markets Income Fund

High Yield Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
HUB International Holdings, Inc., 10.25%, Due 6/15/150.9%
Cricket Communications, Inc., 7.75%, Due 10/15/200.8%
Energy XXI Gulf Coast, Inc., 9.25%, Due 12/15/170.8%
E*Trade Financial Corp., 12.50%, Due 11/30/170.7%
Nuveen Investments, Inc., 10.50%, Due 11/15/150.7%
Chesapeake Energy Corp., 6.625%, Due 8/15/200.6%
Reynolds Group Issuer Inc., 9.25%, Due 5/15/180.6%
Sprint Nextel Corp., 8.375%, Due 8/15/170.6%
Synovus Financial Corp., 5.125%, Due 6/15/170.6%
Synovus Financial Corp., 7.875%, Due 2/15/190.6%

Holland Large Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Citrix Systems, Inc.4.8%
Apple, Inc.4.7%
Range Resources Corp.4.4%
Qualcomm, Inc.4.3%
Yum! Brands, Inc.3.9%
Covidien PLC3.8%, Inc.3.7%
Visa, Inc.3.3%
International Business Machines Corp.3.0%
Cisco Systems, Inc.2.9%

Intermediate Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Fannie Mae Pool, 4.50%, Due 4/1/411.6%
Fannie Mae Pool, 5.00%, Due 5/1/351.3%
Government National Mortgage Association, 2.17%, Due 4/16/411.3%
Fannie Mae Pool, 4.00%, Due 12/1/401.2%
Fannie Mae Pool, 4.50%, Due 6/1/391.1%
Freddie Mac Gold Pool, 3.50%, Due 6/1/421.1%
Freddie Mac Gold Pool, 4.00%, Due 10/1/391.1%
Fannie Mae Pool, 4.00%, Due 9/1/411.0%
Freddie Mac Gold Pool, 5.00%, Due 1/1/390.8%
Wachovia Corp., 5.75%, Due 2/1/180.8%

International Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Novartis AG Reg2.4%
Royal Dutch Shell plc2.1%
British American Tobacco plc1.8%
SAP AG1.8%
Bayer AG Reg1.7%
Total S.A.1.7%
GlaxoSmithKline plc1.6%
Unilever plc1.5%
Siemens AG Reg1.4%

International Equity Index Fund

Large Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
JPMorgan Chase & Co.3.5%
Wells Fargo & Co.3.2%
Pfizer, Inc.2.6%
Johnson & Johnson2.5%
Vodafone Group plc2.4%
Bank of America Corp.2.2%
Microsoft Corp.2.2%
General Electric Co.2.0%
AT&T, Inc.1.8%
Philip Morris International, Inc.1.8%

Mid-Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Fifth Third Bancorp2.2%
L-3 Communications Holdings, Inc.1.9%
Allstate Corp.1.7%
Willis Group Holdings plc1.6%
Masco Corp.1.5%
Staples, Inc.1.5%
Invesco Ltd.1.3%
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.1.3%
Avnet, Inc.1.2%
Comerica, Inc.1.2%

Retirement Income and Appreciation Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Freddie Mac Gold Pool, 3.50%, Due 6/1/422.0%
Government National Mortgage Association, 2.17%, Due 4/16/411.9%
Government National Mortgage Association, 2.70%, Due 4/16/431.9%
Government National Mortgage Association, 3.20%, Due 11/16/441.9%
Fannie Mae Pool, 5.00%, Due 1/1/411.7%
Government National Mortgage Association, 2.543%, Due 9/16/441.5%
National Credit Union Administration, 0.625%, Due 3/11/201.3%
National Credit Union Administration, 0.674%, Due 10/7/201.3%
Freddie Mac Gold Pool, 4.00%, Due 1/1/411.0%
Freddie Mac Gold Pool, 4.50%, Due 2/1/411.0%

S&P 500 Index Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Apple, Inc.4.4%
Exxon Mobile Corp.3.3%
Microsoft Corp.1.9%
International Business Machines Corp.1.8%
General Electric Co.1.8%
AT&T, Inc.1.7%
Chevron Corp.1.7%
Johnson & Johnson1.5%
Wells Fargo & Co.1.5%
Coca-Cola Co.1.4%

Short-Term Bond Fund
Holding NamePercentage
National Credit Union Administration, 0.625%, Due 3/11/203.5%
National Credit Union Administration, 0.69%, Due 1/8/203.4%
Ally Master Owner Trust, 1.031%, Due 9/15/162.2%
Government National Mortgage Association, 2.25%, Due 5/16/332.2%
Government National Mortgage Association, 2.45%, Due 7/16/322.2%
Government National Mortgage Association, 1.864%, Due 8/16/311.9%
BP Capital Markets plc, 1.074%, Due 3/11/141.7%
MetLife Institutional Funding II, 1.481%, Due 4/4/14, 144A1.7%
National Australia Bank Ltd., 1.416%, Due 7/25/14, 144A1.7%
Verizon Communications, Inc., 0.918%, Due 3/28/141.7%

SGA Global Growth Fund

SiM High Yield Opportunities Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Marine Harvest ASA, 4.50%, Due 2/23/153.1%
Continental Airlines Finance Trust II2.9%
HCA, Inc., 7.50%, Due 2/15/222.8%
Mexican Bonos, 7.25%, Due 12/15/162.8%
Syncreon Global Ireland Ltd., 9.50%, Due 5/1/18, 144A2.8%
Kindred Healthcare, Inc., 8.25%, Due 6/1/192.6%
Ducommun, Inc., 9.75%, Due 7/15/182.5%
Federal National Mortgage Association, 1.25%, Due 1/30/172.5%
Wynn Las Vegas LLC, 5.375%, Due 3/15/22, 144A2.5%
Satmex Escrow SA de CV, 9.50%, Due 5/15/172.4%

Small Cap Index Fund

Small Cap Value Fund
Holding NamePercentage
LifePoint Hospitals, Inc.1.0%
Portland General Electric Co.0.8%
Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd.0.7%
Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.0.7%
First Horizon National Corp.0.7%
Great Plains Energy, Inc.0.7%
Rent-A-Center, Inc.0.7%
Valassis Communications, Inc.0.7%
ProAssurance Corp.0.6%
WMS Industries, Inc.0.6%

Stephens Mid-Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Cerner Corp.2.0%
Whole Foods Market, Inc.1.8%
Red Hat, Inc.1.7%
Stericycle, Inc.1.7%
ASML Holding NV1.6%
Discovery Communications, Inc.1.6%
Intuitive Surgical, Inc.1.6%
Monster Beverage Corp.1.6%
Ross Stores, Inc.1.6%
SXC Health Solutions Corp.1.6%

Stephens Small Cap Growth Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Advisory Board Co.1.7%
Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc.1.7%
Encore Capital Group, Inc.1.6%
OSI Systems, Inc.1.6%
United Natural Foods, Inc.1.6%
CoStar Group, Inc.1.5%
Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.1.5%
National CineMedia, Inc.1.5%
Aspen Technology, Inc.1.3%
Cymer, Inc.1.3%

The London Company Income Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
Albemarle Corp.4.1%
Microsoft Corp.4.1%
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.3.6%
Verizon Communications, Inc.3.6%
The Coca-Cola Co.3.5%
Federated Investors, Inc.3.4%
NewMarket Corp.3.4%
Lorillard, Inc.3.2%
Pfizer, Inc.3.2%
Altria Group, Inc.3.1%

Treasury Inflation Protected Securities Fund
Holding NamePercentage
U.S. Treasury Note, 0.50%, Due 4/15/1515.8%
U.S. Treasury Note, 1.125%, Due 1/15/219.3%
U.S. Treasury Note, 0.125%, Due 4/15/168.3%
U.S. Treasury Note, 0.125%, Due 1/15/227.1%
U.S. Treasury Note, 0.125%, Due 4/15/176.5%
U.S. Treasury Note, 0.625%, Due 7/15/216.2%
U.S. Treasury Note, 2.00%, Due 7/15/145.1%
U.S. Treasury Note, 1.25%, Due 7/15/204.5%
U.S. Treasury Note, 1.625%, Due 1/15/184.0%
U.S. Treasury Note, 1.875%, Due 7/15/153.9%

Zebra Global Equity Fund

Zebra Small Cap Equity Fund
Holding NamePercentage
HealthSouth Corp.2.1%
KKR Financial Holdings LLC1.1%
Textainer Group Holdings Ltd.1.1%
Delek US Holdings, Inc.1.0%
Loral Space & Communications, Inc.0.9%
Amtrust Financial Services, Inc.0.8%
Select Medical Holdings Corp.0.8%
CNO Financial Group, Inc.0.7%
Deluxe Corp.0.7%
Enstar Group Ltd.0.7%

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