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American Beacon CONTINUOUS CAPITAL EMERGING MARKETS Fund (Closed to New Investors)

Portfolio information as of March 31, 2022
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Investment Objective

The Fund's investment objective is long-term capital appreciation.


Continuous Capital, LLC specializes in value-equity strategies for international and emerging markets. The firm pursues alpha through security selection rather than country or sector allocation. Accordingly, the firm seeks to diversify the Fund across countries, sectors, industries and companies. Continuous Capital’s well-defined and repeatable investment process is designed to produce a consistent return profile and focuses time and attention on investment opportunities at the intersection of Value + Quality + Dividends. Continuous Capital was launched as an affiliate of Resolute Investment Managers in April 2018.

Firm inception: 2018

Portfolio manager:

  • Morley Campbell, CFA, president and chief investment officer; industry since 2003


Continuous Capital’s investment philosophy is grounded in academic research and based upon four key beliefs:

  • Value + Quality Outperforms: Academic research indicates that high quality companies have historically outperformed if purchased at the right price.
  • Dividends Dampen Volatility: Dividends and share repurchases help dampen volatility and provide downside protection.
  • Security Analysis Adds Alpha: Data-driven security analysis helps identify companies in which desirable characteristics and factors are likely to persist.
  • Diversification Reduces Risk: Diversification across multiple dimensions – countries, sectors, industries, companies – helps minimize uncompensated risks to potentially achieve more consistent results for investors.

These principles work together toward the desired goal of creating a top-performing portfolio of high-quality companies with consistent value and income characteristics.

Total Fund Assets

$47.8 Million  

Sub-Advisor (%)

Continuous Capital, LLC    100%

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The Fund will liquidate and terminate on or about July 15, 2022.

Important Information: Investing in foreign and emerging market securities may involve heightened risk due to currency fluctuations and economic and political risks. The Fund may have high portfolio turnover, which could increase the Fund’s transaction costs and possibly have a negative impact on performance. Geopolitical and other events have led to market disruptions causing adverse changes in the value of investments broadly. Changes in value may be temporary or may last for extended periods. The Fund participates in a securities lending program. Please see the prospectus for a complete discussion of the Fund’s risks. There can be no assurances that the investment objectives of this Fund will be met.

For a prospectus containing more information, including expenses, click here. Read it carefully before you invest or send money. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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