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American Beacon International Equity Index Fund

Portfolio information as of September 30, 2015 Closed to new investors.
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Investment Objective

A Fund seeking to match the performance of the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE Index ("EAFE Index") as closely as possible before the deduction of Fund expenses.

Key Points

  • The Fund uses a proprietary quantitative investment approach, Stratified Sampling with Optimization, that attempts to replicate, before expenses, the characteristics and performance of the EAFE Index.

  • Stratified sampling statistically identifies a sample of more liquid equity securities included in the EAFE Index. Selected securities are optimized to construct a portfolio that mimics as closely as possible the market capitalization, industry weightings and other key fundamental characteristics of the EAFE Index.

  • Stratified Sampling with Optimization allows construction of a portfolio using the most liquid names in the EAFE Index in order to minimize transaction costs, while still achieving fundamental portfolio-level characteristics very close to those of the EAFE Index.

Total Fund Assets

$506.1 Million  

Investment Sub-Advisor (%)

The Fund seeks its investment objective by investing all of its investable assets in the Master International Index Series, a portfolio of the Quantitative Master Series Trust, which is managed by BlackRock Advisors, LLC. BlackRock Advisors, LLC, on behalf of the Series, has a sub-advisory agreement with BlackRock Investment Management, LLC.

Investing in foreign securities may involve heightened risk due to currency fluctuations and economic and political risks. The Fund may participate in a securities lending program. Please see the prospectus for a complete discussion of the Fund’s risks. There can be no assurances that the investment objectives of this Fund will be met.

For a prospectus containing more information, including expenses, click here. Read it carefully before you invest or send money. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

American Beacon Funds and American Beacon International Equity Index Fund are service marks of American Beacon Advisors, Inc.