American Beacon
Small Cap Value Fund Wins 2017 Lipper
Fund Award

The Fund earned best in category risk-adjusted performance for 10-year period out of 58 Small Cap Value funds.

American Beacon
TwentyFour Strategic Income Fund

The Fund seeks alpha through diversification, helps mitigate interest-rate risk by investing broadly across global fixed-income markets, and hedges opportunities to optimize or reduce exposures in conjunction with the changing global economy.

American Beacon
Alpha Quant Equity Mutual Funds

Engineered for alpha, Alpha Quant’s equity mutual funds are fundamental, active, transparent, disciplined and diverse.

American Beacon
ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund

The Fund seeks to capture long-term alpha with low correlation of relative returns to traditional growth strategies and negative correlation to value strategies.

American Beacon
Numeric Integrated Alpha Fund


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