American Beacon DAILY NAVS

Information as of 01/14/2013
Institutional Class
Fund NameFund
TickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Balanced65AADBX14.51-0.02 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap Value3416BRLVX16.390.23 N/A
Emerging Markets1950AEMFX12.280.90 N/A
Flexible Bond63AFXIX10.640.02 N/A
High Yield Bond1409AYBFX9.30-0.01 0.001648840
Holland Large Cap Growth3431LHGIX22.36-0.12 N/A
Intermediate Bond2066AABDX11.050.03 0.000758586
International Equity67AAIEX16.94-0.16 N/A
International Equity Index1952AIIIX9.890.13 N/A
Large Cap Value66AADEX22.42-0.04 N/A
Mid-Cap Value2167AACIX11.070.03 N/A
S&P 500 Index902AASPX19.96-0.10 N/A
Short-Term Bond2067AASBX8.770.00 0.000374601
SiM High Yield Opportunities1941SHOIX10.51-0.06 0.002032497
Small Cap Index1951ASCIX14.02-0.08 N/A
Small Cap Value370AVFIX22.050.07 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap Growth3421SFMIX15.850.13 N/A
Stephens Small Cap Growth3426STSIX13.39-0.12 N/A
The London Company Income Equity3860ABCIX10.760.02 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities2038ATPIX10.960.08 N/A
Zebra Global Equity1960AZLIX12.250.11 N/A
Zebra Small Cap Equity1961AZSIX11.550.07 N/A
Investor Class
Fund NameFund
TickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Balanced98AABPX13.34-0.02 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap Value3417BWLIX16.340.22 N/A
Emerging Markets105AAEPX12.090.90 N/A
Flexible Bond94AFXPX10.620.02 N/A
High Yield Bond1902AHYPX9.30-0.01 0.001587774
Holland Large Cap Growth3432LHGFX22.28-0.12 N/A
Intermediate Bond2258ABIPX11.030.03 0.000614120
International Equity100AAIPX16.82-0.16 N/A
Large Cap Value99AAGPX21.28-0.04 N/A
Mid-Cap Value2246AMPAX11.200.03 N/A
Retirement Income and Appreciation2013AANPX11.090.03 0.000508861
S&P 500 Index904AAFPX19.80-0.10 N/A
Short-Term Bond101AALPX8.780.00 0.000276189
SiM High Yield Opportunities2238SHYPX10.47-0.06 0.001940073
Small Cap Value748AVPAX21.510.07 N/A
Small Cap Value II749ABBVX11.380.02 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap Growth3422STMGX14.260.13 N/A
Stephens Small Cap Growth3427STSGX12.81-0.12 N/A
The London Company Income Equity3861ABCVX10.740.02 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities2259ABTPX10.890.08 N/A
Zebra Global Equity1526AZLPX12.410.11 N/A
Zebra Small Cap Equity1527AZSPX11.630.06 N/A
Advisor Class
Fund NameFund
TickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Balanced2162ABLSX13.94-0.02 N/A
International Equity2035AAISX17.27-0.16 N/A
Large Cap Value2163AVASX21.12-0.04 N/A
Mid-Cap Value2249AMCSX10.910.03 N/A
Small Cap Value2036AASSX21.370.07 N/A
Y Class
Fund NameFund
TickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Balanced2285ACBYX14.56-0.02 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap Value3420BWLYX16.370.22 N/A
Emerging Markets2288ACEYX12.360.90 N/A
Flexible Bond2210AFXYX10.640.02 N/A
High Yield Bond2289ACYYX9.31-0.01 0.001630393
Holland Large Cap Growth3435LHGYX22.36-0.12 N/A
Intermediate Bond2294ACTYX11.090.03 0.000660199
International Equity2291ABEYX17.60-0.16 N/A
Large Cap Value2290ABLYX22.33-0.04 N/A
Mid-Cap Value2287ACMYX11.020.03 N/A
Retirement Income and Appreciation2293ACRYX11.090.03 0.000600870
Short-Term Bond2295ACOYX8.800.00 0.000313805
SiM High Yield Opportunities2299SHOYX10.49-0.06 0.002001290
Small Cap Value2292ABSYX21.890.07 N/A
Small Cap Value II2211ABBYX11.420.02 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap Growth3425SMFYX15.870.13 N/A
Stephens Small Cap Growth3430SPWYX13.39-0.12 N/A
The London Company Income Equity3864ABCYX10.720.02 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities2296ACUYX11.020.08 N/A
Zebra Global Equity2283AZLYX12.380.11 N/A
Zebra Small Cap Equity2284AZSYX11.660.06 N/A
A Class
Fund NameFund
TickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Balanced1509ABFAX13.35-0.02 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap Value3418BWLAX16.310.22 N/A
Emerging Markets1515AEMAX12.070.90 N/A
Flexible Bond1540AFXAX10.580.02 N/A
High Yield Bond1516ABHAX9.31-0.01 0.001594686
Holland Large Cap Growth3433LHGAX22.19-0.12 N/A
Intermediate Bond1519AITAX11.020.03 0.000553529
International Equity1525AIEAX16.89-0.16 N/A
Large Cap Value1510ALVAX21.24-0.04 N/A
Mid-Cap Value1517ABMAX10.930.03 N/A
Retirement Income and Appreciation1521AAPAX11.120.03 0.000498615
Short-Term Bond1520ANSAX8.770.00 0.000262337
SiM High Yield Opportunities1539SHOAX10.50-0.06 0.001887694
Small Cap Value1513ABSAX21.350.07 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap Growth3423SMFAX14.260.13 N/A
Stephens Small Cap Growth3428SPWAX12.79-0.12 N/A
The London Company Income Equity3862ABCAX10.690.01 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities1518ATSAX10.920.07 N/A
Zebra Global Equity1523AZLAX12.430.11 N/A
Zebra Small Cap Equity1524AZSAX11.660.06 N/A
C Class
Fund NameFund
TickerDaily NAV$ ChangeDiv Factor
Balanced3740ABCCX13.49-0.02 N/A
Bridgeway Large Cap Value3419BWLCX16.220.22 N/A
Emerging Markets3745AEMCX12.070.90 N/A
Flexible Bond3765AFXCX10.550.02 N/A
High Yield Bond3746AHBCX9.29-0.01 0.001399939
Holland Large Cap Growth3434LHGCX22.04-0.12 N/A
Intermediate Bond3749AIBCX11.030.03 0.000325812
International Equity3742AILCX16.61-0.16 N/A
Large Cap Value3741ALVCX21.20-0.04 N/A
Mid-Cap Value3747AMCCX10.780.03 N/A
Retirement Income and Appreciation3751ABACX11.140.03 0.000249490
Short-Term Bond3750ATBCX8.780.00 0.000065852
SiM High Yield Opportunities3764SHOCX10.51-0.06 0.001673863
Small Cap Value3743ASVCX21.130.07 N/A
Stephens Mid-Cap Growth3424SMFCX14.190.13 N/A
Stephens Small Cap Growth3429SPWCX12.70-0.12 N/A
The London Company Income Equity3863ABECX10.660.01 N/A
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities3748ATSCX10.750.07 N/A
Zebra Global Equity3753AZLCX12.380.11 N/A
Zebra Small Cap Equity3754AZSCX11.560.06 N/A
SP Class
Ultra Class
R6 Class

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